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My screen was cracked, and I replaced it. Now, the screen stays lit for about 30 seconds on start up then the backlight shuts off. I can see the screen output with a flashlight, so it is still working wtihout the backlight. Also, once it shuts off, If I close the screen and open it again it will illuminate for about 5 seconds then shut off. It does this everytime I open and close the laptop. The cracked screen always stayed illuminated, so I am wondering if this replacement is defective. The only thing different with this screen that I can tell is that the cable going into the inverter uses an extension to make it reach. My original screen did not have an extension to the inverter. I wonder if this is causing it? It is long, so I had to stuff it in the cracks to get the bezel on. Not sure if this would cause this symptom.

Thank you again for your help!

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  2. If the screen will light up, even temporarily, and no other changes were made other than swapping out the screen, I'd suspect a bum inverter. Get in contact with whoever sold you that screen and get a new one.
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