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How to change dimensions on email screen

the text and content on email screen is too large to read without scrolling - how can I change the pixels to get screen to default back to original view?
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    If you are using a web based email you can press Ctrl-"minus sign" and it will shrink it down. Press multiple times for smaller. By "minus sign" I mean the - key.
  2. u no make much sense in yo description.

    please re-word what you are asking so that we can understand what you would like.
  3. I got the answer from my email provider. Pressing "CTRL" plus the "+" or "-" signs on the numeric keypad will allow you to change the dimensions/pixels so that the screen content will be larger or smaller. You have to use the numeric keypad for this to work. Hope this helps anyone else. :)
  4. That's what I said!
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  6. I thought it was only the numeric keypard + and - sign keys worked with the CTRL key to change size/letters on screen. Now I know any + or - sign key works. Thanks folks!!
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