Laptop HDD DoA?

Hi everyone!
I just received my new ultrabook in the mail from newegg. It's a toshiba u845W. When i turned it on the first time, the boot option was set to the Samsung SSD (Which is an SSD Cache, or something?) So i set it to boot from the Hitatchi 500GB HDD and set my windows preferences. i was removing bloatware, and got 3 BSODs while doing it. I now can't see the HDD as a boot option, only the samsung ssd and the Aetheros Boot Agent. I have reset the BIOS already. Anything i should try? or should i just RMA it?
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  1. Update: I can see the hdd when i live boot linux, i can see a 500.1GB drive and a 32.0GB. i do not have the option to install linux to the 500GB HDD though.
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