It's Back!!

Seti is back, but it's taken between 3-10 tries to upload and download.
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  1. I increased my cache to 25 in Seti Driver. After a couple of hours it only has 5 and has downloaded 0 of 10.

    My work PC is out of WU's for teh weekend though. :o(

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  2. Finally it's back! I really ran out of units, however looking on the end result we cached 53 units, while Kuff only 21, Hoodlum Priest 17, Galanz 15, WorryWart 13, ScareCrow 12, Glutzie 10, and so on...
    Now since it's back up I will be well prepared for the next time!
    Also I will install my new MSI K7T Turbo
  3. My mistake... WorryWart passed by Kuff, so WorryWart cached 23 units and Kuff only 13...

    I assume many people run SETI in the office and those units might not be back until Monday. In the BetelNut team we only run PCs at home!!!
  4. We'll I sure did learn my lesson. I've been increasing all my systems to at least 25 in the cach. My P4 Im going to have to have higher due to the hi turnover rate. Glad there back though.

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  5. Just checking my link. What is the exact format to use a message instead of the link itself? In the first section is the "link" where the actual link goes?

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