Laptops USB port not making enought amp or something?????

Is it possible that USB port on laptops are producing less power (amp or something) than on a tower?

My girlfriend needs to plug a scanner InEos Blue (for theeth and stuff like that... not the original small scanner that ppl use normally) on a laptop given by the company but now, they found out that a laptop USB ports might not be powerfull enought to run the scanner.

Some ppl said it was caused by the ''ampere'' of the USB port not being strong enought on the laptop. Would that be possible or could it be something else?

Is there another way if it really is because the ampere the USB port of the laptop is making is not strong enought or do you guys think the only way would be to use a desktop? She already as enought things to bring during presentations that a desktop would be more trouble that anything else.



PS: the program used for this scanner can't be run on windows 8 and absolutly needs to be in 64bits if it makes any difference.
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  1. It seems possible that the port doesn't have enough power delivery on some laptops (I know that some desktop motherboards are specifically designed with features such as advanced USB power delivery because I've had several such boards in some self-built computers), but IDK for sure if that's what your problem is.
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