Toshiba A505 laptop display part # ltn160at01

My daughter busted my display. Where is the cheapest place to get this?
I was also informed part # Ltn160at02 is interchangeable. Any help where to pick one up?
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  1. Bump
  2. Hi :D..Where are you from ? .. I have one display for sell that is # LTN160AT01 but I think that is same..You can see it here
  3. Hi :)

    It is NOT interchangeable.... note my sig... we change HUNDREDS of screens a month...

    That number MUST be EXACTLY the same...EVERY LETTER AND NUMBER...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. I had same problem..This display what I have I bought it in America..I paid that 150 $.. and that doesn't work on my laptop but on others work .. I don't know , I think best options for you is to find some shop where they can repair it.. I paid second display 250 $ and that works.. try here ...
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