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Hey there. I only have PCI slots. What is the best PCI video card out there? I'm a gamer! And the 32mb PCI DDR card I wanted is fake 64-bit DDR (annihilator 3d blaster).
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  1. The best PCI card is the Voodoo 5 5500 PCI 64MB. But it's in short supply after 3dfx folded.

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  2. if you want to go pci go for the radeon...

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  3. THe Voodoo 5? 3dFX boards aren't that great. That's why the went under. LOL. I was thinking about the Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 MX 400 64mb PCI SDR. Is this a good choice?
  4. Radeon PCI SDR works very well and is relatively inexpensive. Like all video cards you need the latest drivers.
  5. Radeon PCI SDR works well? Would I get 60FPS on Counter-Strike at 1024x728 OpenGL? iono bout that...
  6. Radeon PCI is about the best you can do for PCI, and no, it won't do over 100FPS in ANY game! PCI sucks! Get a new motherboard! A reasonably good AGP motherboard can be had for around $30!

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  7. If i get a new mobo, it has to be one that supports a Pentium 3 processor 1ghz. AND it has to be MicroATX or it won't fit in my case. I'm not gonna geta new case and new mobo JUST for an AGP slot. My system is set....no more upgrades except i want to get the best video. Stop saying PCI sucks, i know this, and 3dFx cards are SLOW!
  8. I don't know what framerate you will get with that game but definitely not 60fps. The one Radeon PCI that I installed barely managed 30fps at 1024x768x32, normal quality in Quake III. It's 3DMark2000 score was 3600. 3DMark2001 had texture errors but I think that was because of the old drivers (to be updated as soon as my friend wants me to do it). His system is a Dell 800L (800 mhz P3, 100mhz FSB).
  9. Asus CUSL2-M is Micro ATX, has an AGP 4x slot, uses the Intel i815E chipset, supports UDMA100, has 4USB ports, is avialable with or without onboard sound, and cleans your pipes in 30 seconds or less! Well, I don' know about the last part!

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  10. radeon... the ati card not the fking voodoo 5...

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  11. Again I say, I am on a budget and I can't get a new motherboard. My father will only allow me to get a new video card. I want the BEST PCI! Still need more opinions and performance details...or advice? "don't ask me to geta new mobo again pleez. =)"
  12. Seeing as you only have PCIs what type of processor do you have? Normally the graphics card is the limiting factor in games these days but it may the CPU in your case.

    Is it worth getting the best? Will it make a difference to an econo?

    How much are you willing to spend? For a couple hundred bucks, equivalent to high end GPU, you can get a board and processor (and fan) w/ onboard graphics that will do you better. Then later on talk him into a GPU. Only problem you may run into more expenses if your power supply and and case aren't up to the job. Research a little.

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  13. either the ati radeon or the nvidia geforce 2 mx400

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  14. i finally convinced my father to purchase a 1Ghz P3 system for a great price. I currently have onboard 8mb allocated memory AGP graphics where i can get average 40-50fps on COunter-strike at openGL 800x600, but when i go to 1024, my frames drop to like 20fps average. Will any PCI card enable me go to 1024x768 at least 50fps average? If not, then i'll have to suffer with this system for a couple years.
  15. Is that a slot one Mother Board or a Socket 370 MB?

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  16. If it is a socket board, you can buy a Giga-Byte Board @ <A HREF="http://www.thenerds.net/productpage.asp?pn=GBT-6OMM7" target="_new">the Nerds</A> or an Asus @ <A HREF="http://www.techstore.com/solutions/item.asp?sku=775740TD&S=577G0" target="_new"> techstore.com</A>. both MB will work

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  17. A PIII 600 with a GeForce2 MX will considerably outperform a PIII 1000 with integrated i810 video in all 3D games. You need a motherboard with an AGP slot, not a damned computer!

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  18. dude. get a gf2 mx 400 pci..
    right now on pricewatch, there is a creative labs one with 32 megs of ddr... it is OEM, but for $76 i think that this will greatly improve yuor video.
    also, there is better ones, but howmuch are you allowed to spend?
    and i will have to agree with everyone else. you will probably be better off buying a new mobo. but it all depends on what case and psu you have i suppose. did your dad buy that thing PRE-made? and if he did...then who made it. compaq, dell, hp, micron. or a computer store.
    if you hook us up with some more info, i am sure that someone will be able to hook you up with some suggestions.
  19. F*ck that dude, I'm selling a Radeon PCI that is far better for $65!

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  20. do you work in a shop or something?
    and i will agree with you on the radeon being better than that card, at least from some of the stuff i have read, and the fact that the radeon has some dx8 features. and i correct on that part?
    i do however think that it is funny(NO OFFENSE, I LOVE THIS PLACE!) that most people here lean towards ati products.
  21. I am a system supplier for a local shop. Your right on the Radeon. The main reason I recommend it is that it requires less bnadwidth to work properly, which makes it perfect for a PCI. It still sucks compaired to AGP though,do to the limmitations of PCI. I use a GTS on my PC and a Radeon LE on the wifes.

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  22. wow..that is nice to know...about the radeon taking less bandwidth.
    and that makes the radeon the better choice for his PCI-set-in-stone-system. and for 65, who can argue?
    my dad is kinda in the same situation. he has a HP-Pavilion 6545c with a 500 celeron, and all it has is 3 pci slots, one of which doesnt even work...which kinda sucks ass. limited to 2pci slots. ont a celeron 500 with 66mhz bus. that system also has that damned intel i810 chipset taht does nothing for 3d games. it cant even run openGL on some things, like counter-strike. that has to be run in software mode to be playable. but whatever. my geforce2 pro should be getting here tomorrow. i cant wait to see that big brown ups truck pull onto my street. then i can chuck out (give my little brother) my stealth3 s540 32meg agp.
    are you a southern california based dealer? or the shop that you supply? and does it have good prices? in the near future, i am planning on a big upgrade. mobo/processor/powersupply
    and i am shopping around for the best prices.
  23. Yer selling an ATi Radeon 32mb SDR PCI for 65bux? I like the sound of that deal. I think after all the generous replys my message, I will go with the radeon...but now I want to get the best price. Where should I purchase this card? It's $99.99 at best buy.
  24. buy it from him...maybe he will hook you up with it for 65!!!!!!!!
    that would be a great deal and a GREAT upgrade for your comp
  25. really? how many fps do you think i will get on counter-strike at openGL 1024x768? i'm running pentium3 1ghz 384mb RAM
  26. hmm..i dont know how many fps...but i would say noticeably higher than what you are running right now. my stealth3 s540 32meg agp run 800x600 pretty quick in openGL, i dont know how many fps, but it is smooth, and considering that the radeon is a NEWER chip than mine, and that the memory, and GPU have higher clock rates, i would say that you are going to be able to play pretty smooth. also, your cpu is wayyy faster than mine. i am running an AMD K6-2 500 oc'd to 550. factoring in that in numbers, your cpu is 2x as fast as mine, and in reality, probably 3x, you will be playing maybe....and this is a dumb guess, but i'd say 45-50 FPS on cs openGL at that res. but that is my dumb guess, having never used a radeon.
  27. You should buy it from me simply because I need the money! The recession has dried up my PC sales! Went from 3-5/week to 3-5/month! And I'm also going to school!

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  28. No, I'm in Michigan, probably the second most technologically advanced state (do to the high concentration of industry).

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  29. yeah. michigan...damn
    yeah, i am going to school also, making me a poor student also. ha...we are both screwed.
    i usually get stuff from computer shows, because i can get the best price possible, and i dont have to pay shipping, and there is no wait except for the time it takes to get home. not too bad tho.
    but yeah, i should be getting a job soon, i just graduated from high school, and i will be able to make a trip to a comp show, and pick up the fastest thing i can.
    i used to swear by oem....but i am starting to lean towards retail, even on processors. just because sometimes things come with better waranties, heat sinks that are rated for the item, and comes with nifty software junk that actually isnt that nifty(most of the time) and usually useless.
    i was going to try and get a job at the local computer mega store, FRY's electronics, but first, i would have to be 18, and second, my friend informed me that you also have to be mcse to build computers for them. which is quite ridiculous because i know more than most of the people who are working back there.
    it is kinda sad, but oh well, what can i do.
    damn, i sure did veer from the original message about a pci vid card. but hey, get that damn radeon from crashman. that is an incredible deal for a pci radeon.!
  30. To replace you Motherboard would cost you around $115, then you would have to buy the video card for around $100, if money is tight, as it appears it is for some people, I would recommend getting Crashman's card, if you want to do the major upgrade, to get more speed for what you plan on doing, expect to spend about $215-$250, but have a much faster machine.

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  31. hey everyone. Does anyone know if the Ati Radeon 32mb SDR PCI retail comes with an S-Video to Composite adapter? Because my TV doesn't have S-Video. If not...where can I get one and how much would it cost?

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  32. Yes, it comes with an adapter. ATI's S-Video output actually has a couple extra pins so that it can detect whether the adapter is present. The adapter is on a dongle 4 inches long. The card even comes with an RCA cable.

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  33. BTW he can't have it anymore. igottaknife is buying it.

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  34. no problem. this is the only way my father will buy it anyways. i the store..if only i had a job and went to college already...

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  35. There must be more than one version of the Radeon SDR PCI. My friend's only has a vga connector.
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