How do i fix these geforce 3 settings????

i want to enable sideband adressing and fastwrites.....what do i do?

Diagnostic report - generated on 8/17/2001
PowerStrip build - 190
Windows build - v.5.0.2195.2
DirectX build - v.5.1.2258.400 built by: Lab06_N(mmbuild)
OpenGL renderer - GeForce3/AGP/3DNOW!, v.1.2.2

System board
CPU speed - 1402 MHz
Type - AMD AMD_760-<A7M266>
BIOS - Award Bios, 06/12/2001
AGP aperture - 64 MB
AGP transfer mechanism - DMA
AGP non-local memory - 60.9 MB
AGP revision - 2.00
AGP transfer rates supported - 1x, 2x, 4x
Current AGP transfer rate - 4x
Sideband addressing - hardware support, but currently disabled
Fast write protocol - hardware support, but currently disabled
AGP texturing - Enabled

Graphics card #1
Identity - NVIDIA GeForce3
Memory clock - 458.18 MHz
Engine clock - 199.66 MHz
IRQ - 9, shared
AGP revision - 2.00
AGP transfer rates supported - 1x, 2x, 4x
Current AGP transfer rate - 4x
Sideband addressing - (n/a)
Display driver - nv4_disp.dll, v.
DirectX driver - nv4_disp.dll, v.
Attached monitor - Default Monitor (Microsoft)
Monitor caps (1) - 1600x1200, 75kHz, 85Hz

Device enumeration
NVIDIA GeForce3 (020010DEh) - using IRQ9
AMD CPU-to-PCI/AGP bridge (700E1022h)
AMD PCI-to-PCI/AGP bridge (700F1022h)
AsusTek PCI-to-ISA bridge (06861106h)
VIA IDE controller (05711106h)
VIA Universal serial bus (USB) (30381106h) - using IRQ9
VIA Universal serial bus (USB) (30381106h) - using IRQ9
AsusTek Reserved (pre-class coded) (30571106h)
Bridgecom Ethernet controller (09851317h) - using IRQ9
Promise RAID controller (6268105Ah) - using IRQ9
Creative Labs Audio device (00021102h) - using IRQ9
Creative Labs Input controller (70021102h)

OpenGL extensions
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  1. "i want to enable sideband adressing and fastwrites.....what do i do?"

    Give up.

    Even if your mainboard has these options, with the current nVidia BIOS and drivers ... the GeForce3 doesn't support side-banding or Fast-Writes.

    Besides, if you <i>could</i> get side-banding to work, it usually just makes the system unstable. And with the GF3, do you really think that you need additional performance? I think, that since you've built your own machine, you've been bitten by the "overclocking and performance" bug. LOL!

    At least you didn't order that system from Alienware. Whew!

    Hang on ... the 20.80 Detonator 4 drivers <i>should</i> be released by nVidia soon, and that should give the card a performance boost, even more than enabling Fast-Writes.

    My advice? Relax, enjoy your new system, and play a game or two. You've earned it!


    P.S. Set the AGP aperture in the BIOS to half the size of your RAM. I noticed that you have it set at 64 ... do you only have 128MB?

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  2. hi, i tried to look for the agp texture thing in the bios but no luck, the closest thing i could find is OS/2 onboard memory > 64M disabled.............i didn't enable this because i don't think it has anything to do with agp texturing. is there anywhere else i can change that, i have 512 mb ram, oh and as for the fast writes and sideband adressing, i have seen other people have both of those enabled, why am i unable to do that and would it make a large performance difference? i currently have fastwrites enabled in the bios but it doesn't show up in windows for some reason......the only reason i'm pushing this is because i got a 3dmark 2001 score of 5027 @1024x768 but tom's hardware got 5244 with the same video card and a 1.2 ghz proc instead of a this normal?
  3. Hi, dude!

    Are you sure that you can't find a listing for the AGP aperture size in the BIOS? I haven't yet seen a modern BIOS that was missing this feature ... not even the crappy, limited Award BIOS on an Intel board.

    With that much RAM, it should be set on 256. Check your mainboard manual, and see if you can locate it. It may not make a huge difference in your gaming performance, but it will probably push your benchmarking score closer to your goal.

    I haven't run across <i>anyone</i> with a GF3 that had Fast-Writes and Side-banding enabled and functional, even using the different tweaking tools. Perhaps someone has managed it ... and if so, I'd really like to find out how they did it. Are you sure that you weren't reading a post about a GeForce2 card? Post the link, if you can remember where you saw it, please.

    Side-Banding won't boost your performance enough to bother with it, but Fast-Writes can add up to 10% to your benchmarking score.

    Your score isn't bad, not at all. But now, why don't you get a tweaking utility for the drivers? I like NVMax, because the interface is simple, and because it automatically backs up your default settings before you start making changes.

    The GeForce tweak utility is good, too.

    Do you need a link?

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Look under the download section. You'll find both.

    Remember, the benchmarking program has much more to do with the video card than the processor speed.


    P.S. Here are my NVMax settings, if you'd like to start from there:


    Anisotropy - off
    Anti-aliasing - off
    LOD Bias Adjust - User Mipmap Enabled ... slider bar - 1 (Best Performance)
    Mipmap Levels - all the way to the left (Max Speed)
    Miscellaneous - everything checked except the Logo
    PCI Texture Memory - none
    Texel Alignment - Default
    V Sync - off
    W Buffer - Enabled, Auto for both.


    Anisotropy -off
    Anti-aliasing - off
    Buffer flipping - Auto (although Block Transfer is faster for some cards)
    Miscellaneous - Everything except:
    Force 16-bit Z-Buffer
    Force Generic CPU
    TNT2 Compatibility Mode

    PCI Texture Memory - none
    Texture Color Depth - desktop (although 16 bit may be faster for some cards)
    Texture Quality = all the way to the left - low
    V Sync - always off


    AGP Services - 4X
    Color Control - If you need it.
    Miscellaneous - Coolbits enabled.
    Overclocking - Enabled
    Stereoscopic -Enabled, default.

    See ya ...


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  4. hi, thanks for the help, i finally found the agp apeture and set it to 256, no visible performance gains though. I'll check out the tweak programs you suggested, but my leadtec already comes with something like that to allow overclocking etc. I have the detanator 12.9 drivers installed, do you think that using leadtek drivers would up my performance? i'm 500 points low not a big deal but just wondering what else i could do

    thanks again for the help......if you wanna see that other post search toms hardware forums for 3d mark 2001 and go to the second page and click on geforece3 braincruncher
  5. Hi, kaliman ...

    For your drivers, according to what I have seen, the three fastest (currently) are the 10.80's, the 12.40/41's, and the 14.40's. However, you should be aware that the 10.80's tend to be unstable, and may not correctly identify your video card. I haven't tried the 14.40's, but my brother says that they are running well with his GF2 card in WinXP. Personally, I'm waiting for the Det 4's before I change drivers. I prefer the 12.41's, for the moment, with the Coolbits hack enabled.

    I checked out that post. You misread the information. Noko gave AEternal instructions on how to turn on Side-Banding and Fast-Writes ... but nowhere in the post does it mention whether AEternal was successful. (He does mention that trying to do so locked up his system.) Noko's diagnostic report on his video card, which <i>did</i> have Fast-Writes enabled ... was for a <i>Radeon</i>, not a GF3. Even so, he still didn't have Side-banding enabled, because his hardware didn't support it. The listing in the diagnostic report was N/A.

    The majority of people have never been able to successfully enable Side-banding, and still achieve stability.

    As I said in the first post ... give up on those two features. Until nVidia releases a BIOS/driver set that supports them, they won't work with a GF3. That's just how it is.

    As for your performance, you could also do these things before you run the benchmarking program again;

    Turn off your desktop wallpaper and icons.
    Clear all running TSR's.
    Defrag your hard drive, and run ScanDisk.
    Replace the fan on your video card, or place an additional fan on the back of the card. Then overclock your system, and the video card.
    Always benchmark immediately after a reboot, before you run any other programs.

    Finally ... remember, benchmarking scores are variable. They are rarely the same, from test to test. They are only indicative of how your system performed at that particular moment. The only real way to get a super high-end score is to strip the OS for performance, enable the performance options in the BIOS, boost your cooling solution, have a clean driver installation, tweak the [-peep-] out of those same drivers, and then overclock the hell out of your system.

    That's it. Good luck. Don't burn anything up!


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  6. problem solved, i installed windows 2000 service pack 2 and my score jumped 800 points. My new score is 5769 at 1024x768 32bit......not bad
  7. I have a elsa920, and fastwrites and sideband addressing cannot be enabled. No big deal tho.

    "Friends don't let friends buy Pentiums"
  8. Asus A7M266 latest Bios (1.04a)// 1.4gh Tbird @45C (gawd I gotta waste more money on a heatsink) , 512 PC2100 Crucial DDR Ram, 7200RPM HDD, Asus GeForce3 Deluxe with 12.90 drivers

    I get very low framerates in my games... particularly Aces High ( I see people with Geforce 2 cards getting 80+ fps with less memory and less powerfull CPU's. I only get a max of 45 fps (120hz, 32 bit, 1260 res). :(

    Ive tried the tweak utility Toejam mentioned, but for some odd reason it creates VXD errors and makes my windows get "windows protection errors" when I restart. Ive had to format and reinstall 5 times already.

    Edit: right now, I load the nvmax and it says it cant find a Gforce adapter. NOW im really confused.. nothing was done different from previous reinstalls. Good grief!
    Im not particularly knowledgeable about tweaking settings, any info you think you need to help me let me know please. Ive gone through many reviews on this great website and tweaked the BIOS to get some extra performance (not overclocking). I built my own rig and so the Bios came with defaults.

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