What are the lightest laptops ?

It might sound like a stupid or unusual question but I would like to know what are the lightest, yet somewhat high-performance laptop currently on the market. I'm a university student and I've been stuck with a bone disease for quite a few years now. It got to a point where carrying my current Dell notebook is just too heavy for me.

And when I say light, I mean like, very very light. I know about apple and their Macbook Air line but I've never been a fan of Apple and I think their products are just overpriced for what they offer.

Here's a quick checklist of what I need (or don't need):

- Super light
- 1 200 $ is as high as I am willing to pay
- Won't get too hot
- The keyboard must be of very good quality and comfortable as I type a lot and my hands are affected by the disease.
- Good trackpad
- Powerful enough to be quick and responsive.

- I do not need a lot of HDD (or SSD) space, I am perfectly comfortable with anything between 128gb and 500gb.
- I do not need a DVD-drive
- I won't require the laptop to play high-end games on max, although I do like to play a few minutes of Diablo 3 here and there between classes, and I can live with playing on medium.

I think that's pretty much all of it. I don't have a favorite brand name for either the CPU, GPU or the laptop itself. Thanks everyone !

Edit : I forgot to mention something ! Anything bigger than 15" or 15,6" is too big for me. The ideal size would be somewhere between 12" and 15" I guess.
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  1. An ultrabook sounds right for you
  2. yes ultrabook but there is a trade off between lightness and performance
  3. Yeah I heard about ultrabooks, but there specs and weight seem to vary pretty wildly between the different models. I know a few things about computers but not that much. That whole ultrabook thing sounds pretty confusing to me.
  4. Yea you would only get integrated graphics with an ultrabook, so you would be limited to a HD 4000 gpu. The cpu on the ultrabooks are alright though. You can get up to a i7 dual core. Im using a sony vaio t with a i5 right now and its not too shabby.
  5. Hum, I suppose it would be better to go with Win 8 as it's the most recent but I wouldn't mind that much either way. I'm still using Win 7 on my desktop and it's fine with me.
  6. Seems very good for the price. Thanks a lot for the recommendation :)
  7. The 14" Lenovo X1 Carbon is probably the lightest 14" laptop at 2.99lbs base model.

    - Intel Core i5-3317U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.60 GHz) - typical for ultrabooks
    - 1600 x 900 resolution screen
    - 128GB SSD
    - 4GB RAM (Not upgradeable)

    - $1,124.10 before taxes & shipping

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