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Replaced the screen on my Sony Vaio laptop as the old one got cracked and only half the screen could be seen. But there is no picture at all.

Used a torch behind the screen and can see windows desktop and also have connected the laptop to tv which also works fine.

I decided to put the old screen back on to see if the new screen is faulty and the old screen is also now black with no picture. I could see half the old screen before replacing it but can not see anything now.

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Well then that tells you you forgot to plug the cables from the in verta board to the new Lcd screen, normally located just underneath the top strip plate you remove with the power button on the front. Did you connect the inverter board, double check. If it has one
    Putting the new screen to it may of blown it. Did you check also if the old screen was Led back lit, or white light cathode tubes ? It`s not as simple as you think you know you have to be aware of the different types of replacement screen`s and check what type to get.
    White light cathode strips need and inverta board to work, where as some Led back lit just require one connection to power the video signal from the laptop and to power the back lit lighting.
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