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I recently purchased a new computer, pent 3 1000 mhz, which came with an on board nvidia aladin tnt2 3d card, my problem is the graphics on certain games are worse than on my old voodoo 2 card on my old computer, does anyone know if this on board 3d card has any newer drivers, or is it possible at all to update a driver for an on board video card?
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  1. Poor video performance is do to sharing of memory between the processor and the video. There's not much you can do other than to replace the board and get a good video card, sorry.

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  2. so.. u suggest a new motherboard ? and a better video card? any suggestion is great...
  3. The Asus TUSL2-C is avialable on Pricewatch for around $103, and is probably the best PIII board on the market. The Visiontek GeForce 2 GTS 32MB DDR is available for $94 at Compgeeks. This combination would provide excellent graphics compatable with most games for the next 2 years.

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  4. Go get a Radeon LE (aka 32mb DDR radeon after hacked) for $71 then get a TUSL2-C for the new board. Radeon has a longer life span due more directx 8 features on it.

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