SHift keys gone mad on Toshiba laptop

I WOUld TyPE THIS CORRECTLY but as yOU can see, I Have a PROBLEM WITH MY SHIFT KEYS. THEY seEM tO TURN on and off at wiLl and using A different KEYBOARD DOES NOTHING> I AM ON a Toshiba SATELLiTE p500. WITH THE ON SCREEN KEYBOARD I CAN SEe the shift keys 'being active'. this is a really bothersome problem, pleaSE ANY ADVICE OR WAy tO solve this would be wonderful.
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  1. Scan the computer for Malware/Virus... the likely cause is the keyboard driver may be infected... I fixed a laptop keyboard that coldn't type a single character with Malwarebytes Antimalware... it turned out to be that the keyboard driver was infected... your kbd may have a different problem, but the likely cause is infection.

    Q: By > "A different KEYBOARD DOES NOTHING"... do you mean no difference or it doesnt type at all?
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