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What kind of laptop (model) do I have?

I recently acquired a damage, semi functional laptop that I plan to sell on ebay for repair or parts.

It cannot boot up in windows anymore* (see below)

What I do know:

It's an HP Pavilion

Has a Pentium 500mhz, ram was upgraded to 190mb + 640k (according to bios at bootup)

The serial number sticker says:

HP Serial Number (S) TW01111718
(below) (1P)F1918A DC MFG#TW01111718

I'm trying to find the model number. I googled the serials, I tried HP's site. HOwever, none of these numbers are recognized on HP's site.

It uses a F1739A Battery. I have looked inside the battery/memory panels for model# but no luck.

If I call HP, will they be able to tell me the model # based on the serial, even though their site doesnt recognize it?

I will upload photos if it helps.

*Why it won't boot- It booted up fine to XP with locked user accounts when I got it (bios did read some floppy/cd drive errors at POST)
I decided to install a fresh copy of Windows 98se... the CD drive seemed to work fine, half way through it said file corrupt. So I tried an XP disk... same result. Now the computer wont boot past POST (it says ntloader not found no matter what I do now).
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    Hi :)

    With a 500 cpu it will be a Pentium 3 and you will get precisely nothing for it on Ebay...its worthless...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Agreed. No one will pay for that old of a system.
  3. Too old to be of any value.

    A Pentium CPU @ 500MHz will not even be able to handle surfing the internet. Technology has progressed immensely since the Pentium was introduced. Web pages are loaded with a lot of code that they CPU must process. There is so much code and the Pentium 500MHz CPU is so slow that I would dare say that the CPU would bottleneck a 56k dial up connection just because it will choke on all the processing that needs to be done.

    Bring it to a recycling center. At least that way it will not pollute the Earth as much as by simply dumping it in the trash.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I figured out from the battry it was a HP Pavilion N3290, came out in 2000 and sold for $2199 (wow!).

    As far as it having no value, I think you guys should spend more time on ebay/craigslist ;) I sold mine today on CL for $40 (I was able to fix it up, it was able to boot up to xp. Could browse basic websites like this forum, ebay, CL with it. Youtube was a nono tho, bad stuttering) . Check out the sold listings for 500mhz pentium laptops; here's a prime example; it sold for $69. Some guys like "vintage computing"

    You may want to dig through the "worthless" stuff in your garage/closet etc :)
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