Dropped laptop into bowl of milk .. dont ask!

I had a huge bowl of milk in my sink (someone had told me it cleans trainers up real nice) and I was listening to my itunes through my laptop. I knocked the laptop into the milk and didnt realise it had fallen in as I was working on the trainers to the side. Anyway - my question is... is it ruined? It was soaked through. I dried it and it asks for password but not sure if it is going to be ok.... just waiting
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  1. if it was water, you could probably let it dry or something. with milk, i dont know
  2. Milk tends to have sugar in it, so you could run into issues with the sugar crystalizing on thing. I had milk spilled on to my laptop by a child. I just used isopropyl alcohol to clean it up with a cue tip and it worked fine for me.
  3. Two issues you will deal with possibly:
    1) Liquids tend to short out electrical circuits - very bad if it is powered on with the liquid in contact with any electrical devices. Make sure it is completely dried out. Putting a device in a large "zip lock" bag with uncooked rice (use a small towel over the rice and under the laptop to prevent rice getting in the laptop) will "suck out" the liquids. It may need 3-5 days in the sealed bag (don't open to check it).
    2) The residue from the milk as Rosco mentioned can create issues with moving parts, and even the electrical contacts. Alcohol is the best cleaner - and it evaporates quickly. Using a q-tip to clean is the best way to remove this residue.

    In most cases - you have a good chance of not damaging the laptop if the liquid didn't short out components.
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