Why no sound from TV when connected to laptop ?


I've got my Zoostorm (windows 7) laptop connected to my Toshiba TV via VGA cable and I also have audio 3.5 jack plugged in but no sound from TV ? Why is this ?

Caroline THom
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  1. Do you still hear sound coming from the laptop when connected to the tv?
  2. No there is no sound at all when the audio lead is plugged in laptop.... :-/
  3. Why playing something on the laptop, if you unplug the audio cord, does the sound start playing back on the laptop speakers?
  4. Yes if I unplug the audio cable from just the laptop the sound comes back on through the laptop....
  5. Hmmmmm...

    I wonder if it is the cable or jack (laptop / TV) that's the problem. Plug in headphones to the laptop and play something. If you hear sound, then the laptop is fine which means it either the cable or the TV's 3.5 audio input jack. Are you sure the TV's audio jack is for input not output?
  6. The audio jack on the tv, is it next to the VGA connection? And is it plugged all the way in? Make sure you cannot see any part of the metal of the 3.5 mm end.
  7. Headphones work ok with the laptop. The TV's audio jack just shows a pair of headphones so I don't know if it's input or output ... there are other holes but none of them fit the headphone plug. Can't understand what's happening....
  8. If it shows head phones, it's an output jack. Look next to the VGA connection, if your tv has a 3.5 mm audio jack, it should be next to it..or at least in the general area
  9. what is the model number of your tv?
  10. Oh gawd so it's just not going to work. The only input near the VGA is a different size, smaller I think and it says SPDIF next to it. There are another two sets of 3 holes available again a smaller size to cable I have. A green, a blue and a red set and another set yellow white and red.
  11. Can you tell me the model number of the TV, I will look up if you have the correct jack on the tv.
  12. 32KV500B model number. The laptop has 3 inputs that all fit the 3.5 cable I have.
  13. Zoostorm W76TH notebook laptop (for info) :-) Thanks for helping...
  14. Ok, it says you should have one, i'm trying to find a picture to show you.
  15. ok, the input is RCA. you will need a 3.5 mm to RCA (Stereo) adapter. You can buy the cable at www.monoprice.com


    or at any radio shack but it will cost more there.

    Here is your tv manual, page 9 shows the connection..

  16. Well thankyou you so much larryn. Thanks for a very speedy response and helping me. :-) really appreciate it. I'll get the correct lead now. I've got quite a collection on wrong leads now. lol .... thanks again.
  17. You're welcome :)
  18. Have a great weekend :-)
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