Need Laptop Suggestions Please Help!

I've never bought a laptop before so I am a little lost :ouch: I tried researching on my own and have no idea what processor and such would suit my needs. I don't want to pay for more than I need.

I need it to be able to run about 5 applications at once, stream video (receiving, like Netflix), and store business flyers, business cards, and business clients' information. I never play games on a computer, I use my Xbox for that. I'm never too far away from an outlet so battery life is not an issue. I browse the web A LOT and I send emails most of the day. I also like to video chat. I would like it to last 3+ years.

Budget is $700.

Any suggestions?

Thanks! :)
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  1. Pretty much any laptop can surf the web adequately regardless of price or specs...but if you need something reliable that will suit all needs, check these;
  2. What a great website! Thanks so much :)
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