Is it worth building a barebones laptop or just buy a whole new one?

I was thinking about buying a barebones laptop and then adding my own parts to it but I need it for mainly light gaming and also school work as well.

What I was wondering is, would it be worth it to buy a barebones laptop and fill in the missing parts, or just buy a full brand new one ?

And my budget is only maybe around $500-600.

If anyone has any suggestions that'd be great, thanks!
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    Just buy one for $500/600. You won't be able to do much gaming for $500 but it will get all your schoolwork done and last 3 years. Also, you might get laptop discounts being that you are a student. And warranty is important. I'd rather deal with one company for my laptop issues.

    If you do want gaming. On a $600 laptop, you could game at Low settings for demanding games and High setting for LoL. Just make sure you get a laptop with dedicated graphics.
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