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Hello, this is my first post. I have lurked around these forums for awhile and love the information that users provide. So now I would look for something a little more personal.

I live in Canada and most of the laptops that I can get around here all have that Canadian Bilingual Keyboard layout and I hate that. I game but also go to school and write. A US english keyboard layout is necessary for me I must say. I use my desktop the most for gaming but I do occasionally game on the go. I have a windows 8 tablet for some basic web browsing and word processing when I go to school so the size is not really an issue.

I have narrowed down the laptops to a few of these, and your experienced input would be valuable:

I am personally leaning towards the MSI, Lenovo ones although I seem to read that the Asus republic of gamer brand is great.
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  1. Well shame no one wanted to offer some advice. I been reading lots of reviews on the MSI ones which seem to fascinate me more and there is no extreme negative comments, mostly customer service, but the product worked well.
  2. If you order a laptop directly from Dell, they come with U.S. keyboards even to Quebec. I just bought one today for the same reason. Also, free shipping.
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