Toshiba Satillite M305D-4830 Boot white screen, VGA out works

Ok I took this in on trade, knowing it wasnt working right.
Bought a charger, booted up, no HD, and LCD goes white instantly. No response. Computer continues to boot.

Hooked up to VGA out, and I get a perfect display... no issues other then white screen.
I googled it, and someone said there is a known defect with the video cable.

What are the odds this is a video cable and not the LCD?

Or is something else suspect?
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  1. It's worth checking the cable as that is definately a symptom of a loose connection or bad cable. If a known issue, cables may be readily available (turns out there are quite a few out there for sale) by searching for "M305D-4830 ribbon cable", you should be able to find a few - the question becomes, is it worth it. Here's one just as an example (I've never used that vendor)
    Hope it helps
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