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My Toshiba screen's gone black for no reason while running. Restarting it didn't work! Please help!
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  1. And how old is the laptop may ask.
    The old saying is, nothing lasts for ever.
    So it could be likely the problem you have is what we call the back light of the Lcd screen has stopped working. This shines a white light behind, and through the Lcd screen.
    Once it has broke no picture can be seen and the screen looks black.
    The solution in this case is to buy a new Lcd screen, that comes with a new back light fitted and enclosed as part of the whole Lcd Screen.

    You will need to know the brand of the laptop, you already do.
    It model number located on the back of the laptop.
    But your best option by far it to take it to a computer shop to get it repaired. As for most people with Limited knowledge of repairing such a problem will not doubt result in breaking the laptop even more.

    Sound advice.

    What else could I say to you clearly you don`t wish to attempt the repair yourself anyway, It is not an easy thing to repair with little knowledge.

    But it is most likely the cause as to why the screen is Black and you cannot see anything on the display screen when the laptop is turned on.
  2. I had the same problem. I googled the possible causes of black screen and tried to eliminate the possible problems one at a time. there's no way of working on it if your laptop screen is black. what you need to do is try removing your RAM and test it one at a time on the two slots. Do this by removing the battery first then turn on ur laptop using only the charger/adaptor . If that doesn't work try scanning your hard drive using a working computer to make sure you don't have a bug or corrupted files. you can do that by buying a hard drive enclosure. I hope these will work for you as well.
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