Need a replacement for CD-RW/DVD drive for Toshiba Satellite

I have a Toshiba Tecra M2 notebook and cannot play cds or dvds. The computer does not recognize that a cd or dvd is inserted. As a result I cannot install e.g. Turbo Tax.
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  1. 1) Usb dvd -rw drive from $30 and up:
    2) a replacement drive. They are fairly standard, but no gaurantee. Most of the time you may need to swap the face plate (pops off) from your drive and put on new drive. Replaced the DVD-RW drive on two Tosibiba laoptops with a Blu-ray Rom/DRD-RW drive. DID NOT check to make sure your drive is SATA. all newer oes are, but an older one could/ may be a PATA drive. Usally only on screw holds it in. If screw is not visible check the memory compartment.
    I bought this drive to replace the oem toshiba dvd-rw in my sons laptop. This drive is a standard slim drive and fits perfectly. I had to remove the bezel from the stock drive and put it on this one. I only wish that newegg would've had a bd notebook drive instead. END QUOTE
    $22 -
  2. Hello
    I have Toshiba laptop L500 T12 from 2008
    Now I need to replace PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTD09A ATA Device [Optical drive]
    May be somebody could help me? Which player-writer come to my mashine?
    I ve found
    But I m not sure if this player is “ATA”
    Thank you
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