RAM upgrade - will it fit/work? Aspire One D270 (10.1'')

Baby laptop netbook thing - Acer Aspire One D270 DKK (6-cell battery model).
1GB RAM seems to be bottleneck in performance since it's running Windows 7 and I like to keep a lot of browser tabs open.

2GB memory chip seems to be cheap these days, but I'm having trouble figuring out which one to get.

On the sticker on my netbook, it says DDR3 memory.

Will this one work?

Or should I play it safe and buy this one?

Any suggestions?

Any recommended document or video for replacement instructions?

Otherwise I'll just browser youtube and get distracted by cats, I guess.
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  1. I'm going to recommend purchasing the slightly slower and more expensive ram as there is some guarantee of it working. The faster ram may not work, it's not worth the risk IMO.
    Here's a decent vid for replacing parts in your machine
    Hope it helps
  2. I did a little bit of CTRL+F through the reviews. Some people mention the cheaper one working with Acer Aspire One D270. Though there are a few models of D270, I think they are all practically the same, or at least all compatible with the same RAM. I hope.
  3. Hi :)

    Depends on OS... most Netbooks will ONLY run a max of two gb of ram...IN TOTAL..

    All the best Brett :)
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