I want a cheap gaming laptop

My budget is $600-799
I would like it to be under 15" however over 17" is out of the question
I would like a 3rd gen i7 core processor and also a good graphics card so i can play games like
Call of Duty, Minecraft, Skyrim, High quality games
Brand name anything but gateway,lenovo, toshiba
and also I would like a 1-4 hrs or more battery i dont have that much money so if there's a 400$ one that has an i5 processor instead i just want a good laptop to replace my
acer 5251
PLZ reply and help me
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  1. HP would be my preference or acer
  2. i think lenovo lenovo IdeaPad G780 will be best for your budget

    it comes with 3rd gen i7 3632QM(2.20GHz)
    and its also has a 2GB graphcs NVIDIA Geforce GT 635M , 6GB Memory,
    and a 17.3"

    every thing that you want

    check this-
  3. Your price range means you should be looking at second-hand products.
  4. Ebay in that price range. Asus, Acer or HP is about all your going to get maybe an Alienware if someone is desperate and needs the money for a M14x or older 15x.
  5. For that budget, you are not going to get a gaming laptop. You are going to get an inexpensive laptop that won't run games very well. Unfortunately that's about all there is to say about it.
  6. This is the best laptop i can find on newegg according on your budgets and needs:

    i7 3630QM, 6GB RAM, GT 645M, not bad for the price.

    If you can't afford that, this one is $70 less, about the same specs, just a little weaker GPU.
  7. I'm closing the thread, as it seems an attractive place for spammers.
    If anyone has issue with this, they can PM me.
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