Recently, a friend suggested I run 3dmark2001 to see how my GF2 compared to his GF3...we expected the rating to come out to at least 2200, but when it scored, I only got a 725! This led me to look at my settings for my card, and lo and behold, 3dmark was reporting that there was 0Mb of video ram. Hold on, the plot thickens...Expertool (Cardex utility) reports that there is 32MB on the card, but it's only running at AGP2x. I'm stuck. I've tried tweaking the BIOS settings on my PC to make AGP4x run, but it wont. Any help would be appreciated.

Win98 (downgraded from WinME)
512MB Ram (2 256MBs)
Abit KT7Aboard
AMD Ath 1Ghz (not overclocked)
CardExpert GeForce2 MX (32 MB)
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  1. Good news! I finally got the 4x to run on my card! I did some tweaking around with reloading the BIOS on the board and reinstalling some updated drivers. The problem now is that when I try to run 3dmark2001, the whole computer dies. It goes through the startup with the 3dmark2001 startup screen, but then the screen goes all black and I have to hit the reset button. ANy clues here?
  2. I had similar problems with 3Dmark2000 on my old K6-3 using a TNT M64, but it used to crash badly throughout some of the tests. Uninstalling and reinstalling 3DMark fixed the problem, but it didn't go away - I could only run 3DMark about 5 times before the problem resurfaced and reinstall was again necessary. Good old Win 9X registry probably to blame.

    Otherwise it's probably a driver issue, what drivers are you using? did they come with the card or are they Reference drivers?

    I had best luck and reliability using DX8 & Det3 Reference drivers V6.31 for Win98 - this driver revision also has good colour and brightness controls.
  3. I'm currently using the latest drivers on gainward's page, Ver. 7.97. I have DX8 running. I originally had the D3 drivers installed, but one of my friends mentioned a problem he had with the D3 drivers causing everything to run VERY slow, so I went and got the drivers from Gainward. The problem with the black screen didn't happen until I updated the drivers for my Abit K7T MB
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