I5 and gtx660m vs i7qc and gt650m

Hey guys,

Quick question - I'm looking at buying a new laptop and I've basically narrowed it down to two products; give or take a few £ either side and they are the same price.

My question is this:

One of the products uses a i5 3210m but has a GTX660m 2GB GDDR5 graphics card, whilst the other uses an i7 Q3630 and a GT650m 2GB GDDR3 (note gdd5 for the 1st and gddr3 for the 2nd card).

As far as gaming performance is concerned, is the better graphics card worth the fall in power of processor? Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. Go with the 660m, most games are gpu dependent and the i5 is still plenty of power.
  2. 660m unless you are really in massive player online games like bf3 64man, css 64 man etc

    Otherwise most games are GPU limited and getting the 660m over the 650m is the better way
  3. Thanks very much guys. Knew I could rely on you all.
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