Will a new geoforce work on an agp 1.0 motherbrd?

I am little confused with the agp specifications. I have a relatively old motherboard, which has an AGP slot running in the 1.0 specification. It is a Dell Dimension XPS D which I believe has the Intel 440LX chipset and I am currently using a voodoo3.

I would like to purchase a new video card for my system and am looking at the nvidia geforce products. Notable the geforce 2 mx or pro.

What I dont know is if I can use it on my computer or not. Can anyone advise if it is possible to use some of these newer agp video cards on a motherboard that has a agp slot in the 1.0 specification? If not should I just go and get the PCI version or will there be a greatly reduced performance?

And if so what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. a geforce2mx will work in a agp 1x slot, but, it won't perform as well as it would in a system with a agp 2x or 4x slot. that being said, the agp 1x slot will have 66mhz of bandwidth versus the pci slot's 33mhz. so here again, the pci will not perform as well as the agp 1x slot.

    if you have an older dell system i would recommend a geforce 2mx agp card. it's cheap, performs well, and you can always put it in a new computer if you ever decide to up grade the whole thing. the agp card will work retroactively (1x, 2x, 4x) so it's performance will also increase if your newer computer has an agp slot with better capabilities.

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