Is this a good price?

the Lenovo Thinkpad twist S230u, with the:
i5-3317U (dual-core, 2.6 GHz, 3M cache)
Intel HD 4000
500 GB HDD
24 GB micro SSD
Win 8
4 GB Ram (1333 MHz)

It's got a multitouch 5 finger display, 768p, gorilla glass, the screen turns so it becomes a tablet, it's only 1.3 kg

It's an ultrabook, i think

do you think $746.10 is a good price?
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  1. $809.10*

    $899.00 without the eCoupon
  2. I wouldn't go for it unless you specifically want something in its form factor. A regular laptop with somewhat better specs can be had around $350-500.
  3. no, i want this specifically because it's able to transform

    but, give me a few suggestions, with i5 if possible, and at least 500 gb HDD
  4. Sorry, IDK about other options. Lenovo is the only company making machines quote like this with such hardware AFAIK, but IDK for sure.
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