How to cool down hp pavilion dv6

how to cool down hp pavilion dv6?
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  1. typical HP rubbish restricted cooling + no easy way to get to the cooling

    then there's the annoying keyboard layout and touchpad

    the i7 models *WILL* get to 108ºc under full video/cpu load -- NORMAL

    compressed air into the vents will clear dust out usually
  2. They are hot laptops. I have repaired several that either were overheating or burned the gpu or chipset out. I think it is a design flaw with the dv series. You might try to take it apart and clean the heatsink. I will guess it has a dust ball in it.
  3. my dv6 cpu started running hot less then a year after I got it. they had used cheap thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. just changing that out lowered my nomal temps (and my lap felt it to ) by 20 degrees F. My heat sink didn't have any build up on it but if it does that can be part of the issues. You can also look up how to take apart your labtop to do it on youtube(takes some time and small screew drivers but its not hard). I spent an hour to do mine. my typical full load temp is 170F with 500mhz overclock. (hard core gaming).
    My system is also the amd version. A8 with separate gpu. The same heat sink cools both the cpu and the gpu which is kinda bad and limiting overclocking.
  4. and you think I have not dissassembly my laptop to do this 0_O and yes I already done it I used gelid gc-extreme
    its supposed to be the #1 2013-2014 thermal paste
    modified my heatsink too it was good -5C
  5. mine had dual heat pipes one to the dedicated graphics(one fins run along back of labtop) to the APU(amd) fins on side of labtop fan has to cool both. also my cpu sits closer to the cooler. could lead to the diffrences. I like your mods though I could use that to help my overclock next time I take mine apart.
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