Which of these two laptops is better for gaming?

Right, I know laptop's aren't the best for gaming... but! I am gonna need something to fall back on to in case if my gaming desktop breaks down and needs a repair or something.

I want to play games like Killing Floor, Minecraft; nothing TOO demanding.



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  1. SCREEN RESOLUTION: I don't care.
    Budget: 540
    The rest I don't care about.
  2. those two are terrible. Get this:


    one stock in left, get it before its out of stock. If thats out of stock, get this


    Press customize, then go to the graphics card section and choose the second option. Then use this coupon "SAVE15HP"

    For more laptops go to this site:

  3. That's the US, which is a problem.
  4. Yea, sorry about that.
  5. I'm not looking for /other/ laptops, my dad has told me I have to choose between one or the other and to think about it carefully.
  6. Bump. Still an unanswered question.
  7. the second option, i5 processor is better than an i3 for gaming....and as far as the RAM go...you can still get more RAM.
  8. While the HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea (2nd link) has the more powerful CPU, the TOSHIBA Satellite P850-138 (1st link) has the more powerful graphics chip.

    When it comes to games you want the laptop with the more powerful graphics chip so that would be the nVidia GT 630m. The Core i5 can be up to 800MHz faster using Turbo Boost (less if both cores are being used), but most games are not limited by the CPU.

    The Radeon HD 7470m is somewhere between the performance of the Intel HD 3000 and Intel HD 4000. The nVidia GT 630m is generally around 40% - 50% more powerful than the HD 4000 depending on the game.
  9. For a game like Skyrim which benefits from both faster CPU and GPU, the performance will be lower on the HP Pavilion dm4-3002ea because the CPU will get bottlenecked by the Radeon HD 7470m.
  10. So the first one will give me better gaming performance than the other?
  11. Yep. Toshiba will give you better performance.

    For everyday tasks you will not notice any difference between the two laptops.

    For CPU intensive tasks like video encoding the HP will give you better performance. But it doesn't sound like you are going to be doing anything intensive with the laptop except for playing games.
  12. Okay! Thank you thank you! <3
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