Good gaming laptop?

hi guys just looking for so feedback on this laptop, i am looking to run wow and guild wars from this just wondering if it is capable of doing so and is a decent price,

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  1. Depends what game you want to play... The video card isn't really strong.

    I'd say the same thing I say to everyone who wants a gaming laptop, don't do it. Buy a gaming tower instead, and buy a second cheap laptop for working on the road. But if you absolutely need to play on the road, I guess you don't have the choice to pay 3 times the price to get the same performance you'd get in a desktop. For instance, instead of paying 1500$ for a gaming laptop that will barely get the job done, you could spend 1000$ on a tower + 500$ on a cheap laptop and you have two machines instead and a better bang for your bucks.
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