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I´ve a problem with my new Starforce 64 graphics card. It´s running in an Athlon 1,4 GHz system on the Epox 8K7A-Raid Motherboard. The problem is I cannot complete any application involving heavy 3D graphics e.g. games or the 3DMark benchark from MadOnions. After a while the computer will stall without the possibility of a hotstart. If a disable the T&L supoport in the benchmark I´m getting better results with the CPU alone than with T&L enabeld on the seldom occasions the benchmark completes.
My hardware dealer said it´s a driver problem but I´ve tried both MSI driver and the nvidia´s lates detonator driver as well as both Win98(1st edition, sorry for that) and Win2K as operating systems.
Neither processor nor graphics adapter are overclocked.

It would be nice if someone in the forum could point me to a direction to locate the error in the system.
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  1. I too have this problem in Leadtek GF3, seldom getting through 2001, usually in the same spot it would stop and go back to desktop. if done in 640*480 the very fast message stays to reveal C++ error warning. To me it sounds like drivers ...or lack of (quality drivers).Im putting my hopes on DX 8.1 and Detonator 4 drivers which should be released next week i hope. Hope this helps.
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