Toshiba Laptop saying \'Battery not present\'

I have a Toshiba Portege M200, designed for Microsoft Windows XP. It was purchased about 6 months ago from a Surplus store with no battery. It works perfectly if it is plugged into a charger. I recently purchased a battery for it, but my computer says 'Battery not present' and as soon as I unplug the charger, the computer dies. Here is what the computer says about the laptop:
Device- battery_BAT1
Type- Laptop Battery
Model- G71C0007MD10
Serial Number- 0000002234
Supply- Yes
Refreshed- 3 seconds
Present- Yes
Rechargeable- Yes
State- Discharging
Energy- 0.0 Wh
Energy when empty- 0.0 Wh
Energy when full- 0.0 Wh
Energy (design)- 0.0 Wh
Rate- 0.0 Wh
Voltage- 11.4 V
Time to full- 0 seconds
Time to empty- 0 seconds
Percentage- 0.0%
Capacity- 100%
Technology- Lithium Ion
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  1. You may have gotten a bad battery, it may be worth the time to have it checked out. I think Batteries Plus can test it for you for free (If you have one near you).

    Assuming the battery you purchased is good, the problem points towards a problem on the Motherboard. Iv'e seen to many laptops with this issue, and most of the time the motherboard is at fault. *If* your lucky, there's a surface mount fuse on the MoBo that can be replaced (I suggest it be done by a tech), but that's a big IF.

    Look for some MoBo prices for this model and decide if it's worth the trouble to try and fix.
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