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I have a ASUS K53SM-SX010D laptop bought 6 months ago and the built in keyboard has gone bad recently. Lots of keys don't work (W,R,S,2,3,=,Backspace,Del) and some when pressed give multiple outputs like when I press G the output is gt54. I dont think this is a software issue or a loose ribbon connection. It happened after I cleaned my laptop with a wet wipe. I have used wipes on my 2 HP laptops and never had any issues in 3 years of using them but I guess the Asus cant handle the slightest moisture.

There are replacement keyboards on ebay and lots of them look similar to the black keyboard on my laptop only difference being mine is chicklet like on a macbook and the ebay ones are not chicklet. The sellers describe them as NOT manufactured by Asus, yet compatible replacements so I guess they are cheap alternatives which explains why they are not chicklet. But I've come across some white chicklet keyboards on ebay that look exactly like the keyboard on my laptop and their description says the K53 series is compatible. I am tempted to buy a white keyboard first for a change as white looks better than the black one and second because the chicklet style of my current keyboard matches with white keyboards so it seems less of a gamble than buying those non OEM black ones.

Both black and white keyboards go for ~$20, ship from Hong Kong and have 6 months warranties. I messaged sellers asking about white keyboards compatibility with my laptop but I haven't received any answers from them. Thats why I am posting here. Is it possible to replace my black keyboard with a white one? Would there be any compatibility issues? Here's the links to both keyboards on ebay:


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  1. the keyboard you linked have two completely different connector locations.

    which one do you need?
  2. Wow you are right! I had not noticed that. I need the connector thats on the white keyboard. The connector on black one will not work.
  3. For anyone wondering the same thing:

    I took the risk and bought the white keyboard from ebay. Got it today, installed it and it works! Basically you should make sure the connector style of your current keyboard matches with the one you want to buy and ask the seller whether the keyboard will be compatible. If both give you a green light you can replace a black keyboard with a white one or any other color; at least on a Asus K53 notebook.
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