ATI RADEON VIVO users please help!

Does anyone know if it is possible (and how to exactly) watch VCR tapes on the PC using the ATI VIVO card?

I connected the Video out for the VCR to Video in of the card, and ran the Video-in software for ATI and it was a NO go. Any suggestions?

Thanks again everyone for the advice.
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  1. i'm a Radeon 32mb DDR owner... Hmmm where is noko my ATi buddy to help... Help will be coming soon please wait.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  2. Please be more specific as in more then just NO-GO. As in was it blank? Machine locked up? ETC. Also please tell me your mobo chipset, cpu, operating system, Radeon drivers etc.. Hopefully I will be able to help.
  3. Did you connect the video out of the VCR to the video in of the VIVO?

    <font color=red>It is the weakest link. They are not ready yet many have tried and failed with it.</font color=red>
  4. I have win2k, PII CPU (compaq deskpro) with 256MRAM. I have the latest ATI entertainment center drivers (7.1).

    I have video out from VCR connected to Video in of the card. I press play on the VCR, then go to to the ati programs/video in. I get the following message: "The TV player failed to initilize the video. Ensure the correct video drivers have been install and close any apps which may be playing video such as dvd or webtv before attempting to restart TV."

    I think that I am missing a step here. Am I even doing this the right way? What are the steps to connect, settings to set and programs to run in order to do this?

    Thanks again.
  5. Get the Video Capture Update for DirectX 8.0. <A HREF="" target="_new">Patch</A>

    <font color=red>It is the weakest link. They are not ready yet many have tried and failed with it.</font color=red>
  6. 7.1MMC requires said patch and also DX8 if you havn't updated yet. Also your WDM drivers from ATI may have to be updated with the current driver set. Did you uninstall MMC7 before loading MMC 7.1?

    Here is how to update the WDM drivers for your Rage Theater chip:

    1. <b>Start</b> menu
    2. <b>Settings - Control panel</b>
    3. Open <b>Sounds and Multimedia</b>
    4. <b>Hardware</b> tab
    5. Scroll down until you see <b>ATI WDM Rage Theater Video</b>
    6. Double click or press the <b>Properties</b> button
    7. Read the device status to see if it indicates a problem
    8. Select <b>Driver</b> tab at top and note the Driver Version: it should be the same number as the drivers you are using ie 3226, 3224 etc..
    9. If not then a conflict between the Driver you are using and the Rage theator driver is possible.
    10. Update WDM drivers by selecting <b>Update Driver</b> and follow the prompts, select the directory which your ATI drivers are in and select <b>atintwdm.inf</b> to update to current driver set.
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