Which Asus g75 model should i get?

i have decided that i wanted to get a new asus rog g75 laptop but not sure which one to get for the money. here is a link of 3 different options which one do you think is the best for the money?
1) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834230592

is the gtx 670m worth it over the 660m
and the dvd or /blue ray option worth it?
i was thinking about replacing the harddrive with a good ssd(os) and a least a 1 terabyte 7200 hd for storage should i go ahead and spend the money for a g75vx model? trying to stay around the 1500 budget give or take the value
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  2. anybody?
  3. just asking, desktop not an option? travel alot?
  4. i just want a laptop and no desktop
  5. i own an asus g75v , and yea the 670m is worth it , no complaints so far , cept be aware of the weight and poor battery life , im sure your aware of this but the weight is really a backbuster ,
  6. i would like more opinion please.... on which one should i get or should i wait for a better model or other options
  7. Don't get 75VW, multiple failures in the pc, asus never bothered to fix them
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