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Sony Vaio will not turn on.

I have recently been given a Sony Vaio laptop and have been trying to fix it, it will not turn on, the green light turns on but nothing else happens. I think the battery is dead because that will not charge, (or at least I don't think it does seeing as it just blinks orange) so have been trying to boot it of mains power.

I have tried connecting it to a external monitor to see if that is the problem but no luck, I have also tried a hard reset but that also does not work.

A bit of history when I got given this laptop I got told that they had this problem before, they sent it to a shop and the guy did something to in in about 5 minutes and it worked again, they cannot remember what he did but I am guessing it was a hard reset which is not working this time.

Any help appreciated.
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    If the battery light is blinking orange then that indicates it is charging.
    Is you get a green power light when it turns on then it is turned on and powered up fine.
    Turning on but having nthing on screen more often than not indicates a faulty GPU on a laptop.

    Try reseating the RAM, HDD and disc drive.
    Failing that you could try a reflow if you know how. other than that I would call it a dead duck.
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