Which Is Better Overall??

I have a small question,
Which is better? Voodoo3 3000 (16 MB) or geforce2 mx 200 with 32MB ram.
Which will play all games to date and which is better in overall performance.
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  1. The MX.

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  2. Hrmm... probably the MX would have better support. Performance in general might be the same though, considering the MX 200 is a crippled version of an already crippled card. It has something like 1/4 the memory bandwidth of a GTS, and half the memory bandwidth of a MX 400, which is maybe 10 bucks more expensive.

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  3. What a poor pair to choose from. How about a Radeon LE, MX 400, or the original MX? The MX200 sucks. The voodoo card suck worse. The original MX sucked but only about half as bad as the MX200. The MX400 does about the same as the original MX. And the Radeon LE beets all of them.

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