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I recently changed my Aspire's 6920G HDD to an OCZ SSD. Then, so I can have additional storage space, I bought an IDE to SATA optical drive caddy, so I can replace the optical drive with a 2nd HDD.

The problem is that once the 2nd HDD is in the optical bay, the BIOS does not see the main hard drive so the laptop does not boot.

Once I remove the 2nd HDD, then the BIOS sees the SSD and boots up as normal.

I updated the BIOS to the latest official version v1.16 still no change.

Once both drives are in the BIOS sees the second one whilst under ATAPI shows no hardware.

I tried the same set up with another laptop, non-acer one and newer, and the BIOS sees both as normal.

Is there any work around this issue please?
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