Remove component from motherboard and replace it

Where do I start to find a method to remove this (it had two and I have been unsuccessful) SATA port from the circuit board, highlighted in red.

I have seen a method on Youtube with think copper wire now and could try that. As direct soldering iron is difficult.

I'm currently in Germany near Dutch border, does anyone know of someone that can do this successfully?

I can use services in Britain also.

Thank you and I don't think this is the place to ask but I am starting somewhere, are your brains prepared to be picked?

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  1. i would google the laptop part# and find the info of the service parts for the laptop. you may get lucky and find that the sata port board is a part you can order.
  2. I have and its all on the motherboard, I now have a broken motherboard with one port and a working motherboard with one port.

    Before I try again on the broken one I am enquiring if anyone has some skills here in this field
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