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HP Pavilion Sound Driver

The sound level of my Pavilion Entertainment laptop gradually goes to 0, whatever I do.
I raise the level 100% and see how it goes back again to 0 in a few sec.

I tried to do it through the control panel, still the same.

What shall I do?

Janos Molnar
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    Try re-installing the sound driver, although I must confess I have never come across that problem before in all my 20 years of computer fixing. You can download the driver from HP Support:

    If you need to change the country (above is for UK) click the link at bottom-left of page.
  2. Thanks, Phil22,

    This is not a persistent problem, it comes and goes. For ex. this morning it is not doing it. So it is either associated with dates or when something else is running in the background (a mild virus?).

    I tried to download sound drivers before, but each time I ended up with pay requests, so I got suspicious.

    I'll try your suggestion and will get back to you if it worked.

    Thanks a lot,

    Toronto, Canada
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