Browser crashes when visiting certain news web sites, very weird....

Having a very strange problem. My home page is but starting last night when I visit it, my browser crashes. If I let the browser sit for a minute after I initially visit the site, it will hang but then come back to be responsive. But, if I immediately try to click a link or move the scrollbar, it crashes. I noticed that another news site,, that site also crashes my browser. These are the ONLY sites that are doing this. It has forced me to change my home page so my browser does not crash when I start it up. Any ideas? This is very weird....
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  1. what browser are you using, try downloading another browser and testing the sites on that one.
  2. IE 8. I also tried Firefox and it crashes the same way when I visit the same 2 sites. I also tried system restore to a point two days aggo when everything worked fine but same issue happens.
  3. uninstall all the add-ons of the browser, all acive-x controls, flash ect and then re-install them, it is probably flash to be honest, also, what anti-virus are you using?
  4. Microsoft's Security Essentials. Ill try to reinstall flash and see if that helps.
  5. Reinstalling flash did nothing to fix it. I also tried shutting off virus protection, still no effect. I'm stumped.
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