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How do I log in? Name? Password?
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  1. admin
  2. I would try to use or to get the interface for your router in your browser then use your password if any is used.
  3. interconnect 1203 said:
    How do I log in? Name? Password?

    In future a little more information would be useful - like router brand - model etc...

    I am guessing that you have a netgear router - the default username is "admin" the default password is "password"

    Here is a link to their manual
    If you have connected everything up correctly (refer manual) then entering www.routerlogin.net into your internet browser should take you to the login screen.
    use the username/password I gave you.

    If it doesn't work - (it's had the username/password changed) then factory reset it (refer the manual.)

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