Asus laptop touchpad, keyboard prob

I was given a faulty Asus K54 laptop, I am experienced in repair work - including desktop computers, but this is the first laptop I've tried to fix and things have not gone well.

There was a problem with the power socket and so I have ordered a new socket which i'm waiting on coming in the post. The old socket's pin was damaged and was not connecting with the power plug. In order for the laptop to be of use, i thought i would temporarily solder on a couple of wires which i could attach to the power supply.

This worked, however i since found out the keyboard and the touch pad do not work in any way now. The connections to both are fine, but there is something fundamentally wrong. This is backed up by the fact the USB port on the same side of the removed power socket is not working at all, but the USB port on the opposite side is working fine.

I thought it may be a grounding issue, but the USB port's metal casing is earthed to the negative end of the supply. It's almost as if no power is being supplied to the USB port, keyboard and touchpad. But, I find this strange as the rest of the laptop is powered and the battery is charging.
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    And yes it sound like an earthing issue... fix the socket first, then see...

    All the best Brett :)
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