Cant get win 7 to run in ho media center m7330n

Hello, i would like to install fresh copy of win7 on my hp media center m7330n pc. but it only freezes whn installing.
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  1. Ensure that you have all usb items unplugged and such. Do that and try the install again (boot from the disk).
  2. Is it a full Version or an upgrade version ?

    Apparently, the 'upgrade' version will not install unless it finds a copy of Vista or XP already installed - in which case it freezes.

    Plus other problems.

    However, it can be installed with a work around.

    One other problem causes a freeze after 62% is installed,

    Re. Tips to fix 4 common upgrade problems in PC World of March 2010.

    Perhaps maybe/maybe not an answer to your problem.
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