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Help me choose between two laptops please?

February 12, 2013 10:22:27 PM

I'm stuck between two laptops, both come with Windows 8.

The Lenovo Y580 is a 15" with 1080p and comes with a blu ray player. It has an NVIDIA GForce graphics card and of course an i7 2.4 GHZ, basically it's a powerhouse. Problem is it comes with Windows 8 and no touchscreen, which I know is clunky to use. I could install ClassicShell, but it's still a hassle to get around its start menu without touchscreen.

The other choice is a Sony VAIO E Series 14". It is a touchscreen and has a weaker graphics card (Radeon HD) but it's still powerful (i7 2.2 GHZ). The problem is it is only 900p. I'm worried that may hamper my productivity when I look through Google Docs or it may make blu rays look wierd.

Do you think the ability to comfortably use Windows 8 is worth sacrificing 180 pixels of vertical screen space? and 320 pixels of horizontal screen space? Or should I go with the powerhouse Lenovo laptop (maybe I can buy Win 7 and dual boot on it)?

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