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Is a laptop touchscreen comfortable?

I'm thinking of a buying a laptop with a touchscreen (does not convert into a tablet).

Does a laptop touchscreen cause wrist problems? Has anyone heard of that?

Also, would people with long nails possibly scratch the screen? Is that a real problem?
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  1. i think its user by user and how high the laptop is on the surface its on. i wouldnt think it cause wrist problems, the only thing that it wouldnt be able to do as easily is be used when its perfectly flat.
  2. Go visit a store. and play with one for a while, and see if you are comfortable with it.
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    I have a programming buddy who has one and it is pretty cool for swiping through lines of code. The only issue he as is when I try and show him something and I touch his screen everytime.

    It seems to be pretty 2nd nature for swiping and pinch to zoom for him
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