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Lenovo ideapad z585 or Samsung AMD A-8 laptop?

So which one is better overall.

Samsung one:

Lenovo one:

Both around the same is refurbished,other is new.

Is the Refurbished one a better value.
It has warranty until 2014.

What is the difference in power between AMD A-8 and AMD A-10?
Any suggestions.
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    You probably won't see a huge performance difference between the two, although the Lenovo might be slightly faster. For most everyday tasks it will be a wash.

    I personally prefer Lenovo laptops, but buying refurbished is a risk. If you're OK with the risk and you have the time to fully test it as soon as you get it, the Lenovo is a good deal. If you want to play it safe and have the peace of mind that a good return policy affords, buy the Samsung.
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