Windows 7 on startup freezes at starting windows..

Here's the issue, I have an AMD Regor 245 processor. I have a BIOSTAR MCP6P mobo. What happens is this. I've had this computer for a month now and it's worked fine. Now I've recently been having problems. I tried to add a SATA object to the mobo.. (another drive).. ever since this happened.. whenever i try to get into windows.. when it says "starting windows" it just freezes at that screen. when i try to use startup repair, it loads it up.. but then after its done with the status bars.. it goes to a black screen. it does this same thing when i'm trying to boot it up using the windows 7 setup cd. initialized the CD and then when its done doing that, it sits at a black screen. never gets to the actual setup I've tried everything, unplugging the DVD drive, unplugging the hard drive, unplugging my cat5 cable, unplugging mouse, keyboard from the mobo. it still does not work, and it won't start windows.

i can't even get into safe mode as when it does, it locks up at disk.sys. any ideas? i don't think it's mobo related as the mobo detects everything, the gfx card (the fan runs).. and it detects the hard drive and the dvd drive in the bios.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Well, you could try setting the BIOS to default by resetting the CMOS jumper. Unplug the system from the wall. Discharge the power supply by pressing on the start button on the case. Remove the MB battery and reset the CMOS jumper. Instructions are in the MB manual. BTW, when you try and add another internal SATA drive to the MB SATA controller, the system has to be powered off or damage will occur.
  2. Yeah I turned it off and replugged in the SATA cables. i also tried resetting the CMOS, it didn't work.
  3. Well, I would try reseating the RAM and video card if you are using one. You might try using just one DIMM in slot 1 only and booting the system. Also, try tapping the Delete key and booting into BIOS. If the system will not boot to BIOS try unplugging the main hard drive and boot that way and see if you get to BIOS then.
  4. I get to the BIOS just fine. That's not the issue. It's getting into windows.
  5. I would try going into BIOS and set the first boot device to the SATA drive with windows 7 installed, Save and Exit.
  6. tried that, didn't work. thats how it's been the whole time.
  7. Maybe try a different video card if you have one. Also, I would unplug the current hard drive with Win 7 installed and install the new hard drive and try booting to the installation DVD and see if the setup continues and finds the new drive without the current drive present.
  8. If booting toi the Windows 7 installation DVD, in BIOS set the first boot device to DVD. If the system is loading the installation files and then crashing the RAM becomes supect. Also the hard drive and video card failing may be the cause. I suppose a system driver could also be the cause. Try booting to the DVD after setting the DVD as the default boot device in BIOS.
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