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My computer doesn\'t seem to want to run on ac alone, why

My acer said is was going into hybernation mode and now won't turn on at all, I removed the battery and have it on ac power alone and still wont turn on
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    most likely a bad battery. it is fairly common for all sorts of symptoms to pop up near the end of a laptop battery life.
  2. The first thing I would do is:
    .. With battery removed and Not connected to AC adaptor.
    .. Remove the HDD.
    .. Plug ac adaptor into laptop and
    .. power on. This should at least come up with a error message saying "need a bootable source.

    If you do no get this message you have two choices:
    A) The AC adaptr is Dead, or
    B) the laptop MB has a problem and your options are:
    .. Take it to a repair shop or
    .. obtain a replacement AC adaptor and tring it with a new one - that doesn't work then it is the MB

    NOTE: you can test the AC adaptor, but requires a Voltmeter. You plug it in and see if you are getting the correct voltage (Normally will read higher than what is stated on the adaptor (ie DC out = 19 Volts at 4+ Amps.
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