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I'm looking for recommendations on dual HDD laptops. Do most of them simply replace the optical drive bay with the second HDD or are there any that have both dual HDDs and an optical drive?
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  2. Hi :)

    Laptops with 2 hard drive bays plus an Optical drive are usually limited to 17 inch and above... due to the space requirements...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hey as Brett said. Smaller than 17" they need to remove the ODD for a second HDD. They do this for some 17" as well so double check.

    If you want a recommendation on a specific laptop we need a lot more info.

    Colleague just got a HP envy with 2 1TB HDD's and has a 32GB SSD for caching. Have no idea what improvements the SSD cache has over just the HDD but just something to keep in mind.
  4. http://ca.asus.com/en/Notebooks/Gaming_Powerhouse/G75VW/

    This has twin HDDs, but is not what I'd call a laptop as much as a "slightly more portable desktop."

    I own an older Asus G51VX, which is a 15.6" laptop with twin spinners and a CD drive. They exist, just have to look for em.
  5. My Samsung RF711 has two HDD bays (currently have 2 x 256 gig SSDs installed) Plus it has a Blu-ray Rom/DVDRW drive. Before Buying I also noted Asus 17 in model with twin drive space. The one They got me at work (enterpise md) came with a 2nd HDD to replace the DVD drive and a portable DVD drive. Told them I wanted two HDDs.

    Have a Older 15.6" Tosibiha that has TWO HDD bays, they JUST didn't stick the MB connector on. Ticked my off, Have thought about getting a socket soldered on, but don't know if the Bios would recognize the 2nd HDD. It also Has a DVD drive, So there is the Posibility of finding a 15.5" Lappy with twin Bays + DVD drive - but probably rare as Hen teeth.
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